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We represent sellers of commercial real estate in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

  • We have a flexible commission structure, that is fair to our clients the sellers, and keeps our agents motivated to work hard. You choose how much and how to pay us for a job well done.

  • Yes, we work with local city government and state owned real estate. All GOV and CAL vendor requirements considered and met.


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Passadena California

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We specialize in sales. We have done it all, and selling buildings to buyers that are qualified is what we choose to do. We don’t want to go to a dentist that also happens to be a podiatrist. One focus, one specialty, we are extraordinarily good at one thing.

Property value assessment is Step 1

An appraisal from a bank is often a joke. A robotic bank employee compares your building to another based often on build quality rather then knowing that there is a tech boom in town, or a major project across the street.

At no cost to you, our team puts together a market analysis based on what is really happening around your property. Who is paying, how much, and why, for any property on your block. That’s how we leverage intelligence to get you top dollar.

We sell retail buildings that are 3k - 30k square feet

We do not sell Targets and Wall-marts god knows where around the country. We work with storefronts, mixed use, strip centers, and even local grocery anchored retail centers. The key work is local, and owned by regular people, to whom real estate is not a line on a balance sheet, but is a family heirloom, retirement, something meaningful.

There are enough, snobs serving big institutional clients. We create a marketing plan and work with private clients.

perhaps you should not sell right at this time

We cad tell you bluntly over coffee, if you need to get your house in order before selling. However, procrastination is a dirty word. A free custom action plan can be handed to you, that has a list of referrals, and a roadmap to increase value in 6 months. More is lost by indecision then a bad decision.

Do not hesitate to ask a question.

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